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Streaming football? Binge-watching of the latest series’ on Netflix? A Full Fibre broadband connection means you can scroll, binge, swipe and tweet with reckless abandonment. Check out our residential offers to see what People’s Fibre can do for you.


Whether you’re a dynamic duo working from a small office or are a part of a larger operation, we know how important connectivity is. Make those frozen video calls and lost work a thing of the past. Check out our latest Full Fibre business offers.

Property developer

Making your property stand out is super important. By offering Full Fibre connectivity not only will you have happier tenants, but it also boosts the value of your property, a win-win for everyone. Check out how we can cater to your properties (and tenants).

Latest fibre projects

People’s Fibre is deploying Full Fibre broadband networks, across Great Britain. The areas we service join an elite group of global cities that can boast ‘gigabit’ status (broadband speeds of 1,000Mbps). Check out our latest Full Fibre projects.

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Have you got the need for speed? Great, us too!

Check availability of Full Fibre in your area and register your interest here.

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What is Full Fibre?

Full fibre is not to be confused with ‘superfast’ fibre to the cabinet, which uses fibre optic cables to the street cabinet (Check out the picture!) on your street and then a standard copper telephone line to your house.

Full fibre will see everything replaced with pure fibre optic cabling. Full Fibre enables homes to experience internet speeds of up to 1Gbps (1,000Mbps).

In a nutshell, Full Fibre gives 20x the speed as ‘superfast’!

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Speed Comparison

The UK’s current average download speed is at 41.56Mbps.

Compare that to Full Fibre’s 1,000Mbps.

Are you being shortchanged by substandard broadband?

Check out our latest Full Fibre packages and see how the value compares…

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Latest Full Fibre Projects

Check out the latest news about our current full fibre projects around the UK...