Full fibre is not to be confused with ‘superfast’ fibre to the cabinet, which uses fibre optic cables from our Exchange to the street cabinet (green box) on your street and then a standard copper telephone line to your house. A Full Fibre connection will see everything from our Exchange to you replaced with pure fibre optic cabling. As fibre doesn’t degrade the speed over the distance and isn’t subject to the same kind of interference problems as copper telephone lines you will see a faster and more reliable service.

Because the connection is 100% fibre you can get download speeds of up to 1Gbps (gigabit per second).

We need to book an appointment for an engineer visit to come and fit the service. The appointment may take around 3 hours. The engineer will run fibre from the nearest distribution point to your property. In most cases, this will be run alongside your existing copper either underground or over a pole. The fibre will then be terminated on the outside wall at ground level (they cannot terminate the fibre any higher even if the copper enters the building at a higher level). The fibre will then be run through your wall. The engineer will then install an Optical Network Terminator (ONT) in your house. Think of the ONT to be like a fibre modem.

The ONT needs to be within 20 metres of where the fibre is terminated on the outside wall as that’s the length of the fibre the engineer will bring. The ONT needs to be connected to the router (or can be connected directly to a PC if you only have 1 PC and direct require wireless). It also requires power so must be located near a socket. In the future services like TV and voice may be delivered using the ONT so think carefully where will be most convenient to install the ONT. The ONT has to be secured to a wall to prevent damaging the fibre.

Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. The appointment may take longer than the morning slot.

Depending on your chosen package. The package options clearly state if kit and installation are included free of charge.

There are no limits on downloads or usage.

You are responsible for cancelling your existing service with your incumbent as People’s Fibre cannot do this on your behalf.

Use the Register Interest page on the People’s Fibre website and enter your postcode to check if Full Fibre is available in your area.

People’s Fibre partner with leading Fibre optic CPE manufacturers for our ONT’s. Models may vary over time as we stay on the forefront of technology innovations

People’s Fibre partner with leading Fibre optic CPE manufacturers for our Routers. Models may vary over time as we stay on the forefront of technology innovations

Please refer the to SLA agreement with your chosen package as there are various SLA levels to select. In extreme cases, we may issue a refund or credit.

If there is a diagnosed failure with any People’s Fibre owned kit then we will replace it.

If you move to a property outside of a People’s Fibre area you would need to cancel your service and cancellation fees may apply. If you stayed within a People’s Fibre area it is expected you would be staying on the service at the new address. There may be a fee for reconnection at the new address should an engineer visit be required.

Yes, you can regrade to any of the fibre broadband products we have available should you wish.

Telephone Support: 24/7/365
SLA: End of next business day

These come as standard with all business packages