What is Full Fibre?

There’s a lot of terminology surrounding the internet – but this one is pretty simple for us to answer. Full Fibre is a cable with a strand of glass fibre inside, which allows giga-fast data transfer, even over long distances. People’s Fibre connects your property using only Full Fibre the full journey from us to you.

On the other hand “superfast” broadband provides the fibre cable to the cabinet on the street but that’s where it stops. The rest of the journey is over old telephone lines which have very poor data transfer capability and speed drops rapidly even over short distances.

While everyone is logging in, sharing, liking, downloading and everything else in between, the telephone cables in the UK just aren’t cut out for it anymore.

Why do we need Full Fibre?

When you compare the UK’s broadband to our European neighbours, ours are kind of like the original Ford Pickup sitting next to a Ferrari as far as speed goes.

It’s not just Netflix and Facetime being affected. If we could unlock that same potential here, the UK could increase it’s productivity to the sum of £55m – just with faster internet. As far as we’re concerned, we shouldn’t be letting ourselves get left behind.

Why bother keeping up with technology? It’s a fair question. Technology is constantly changing and it sometimes feels like way too much effort to keep up with a moving target. Just remember – keeping up with technology adds value to your business and your life.